Warren, Idaho

Warren is a genuine old-west gold mining ghost town even though there have been people living there since James Warren set up camp back in 1862. The current population is only 12 to 16 hardy souls year-round but about 50 people live there suring the warmer summer months. During the Warren gold rush as many as 5,000 people called Warren home. There is a dirt airstrip and local accommodations include the Backcountry B&B.

Be sure to take a walk around town but don’t take off with any of the local artifacts. They are highly prized by their owners and you may discover a Smith and Wesson rifle asking you to put the antique back – old west style.

One thing you won’t want to miss is a visit to the old cemetery whose residents date back to the late 1800’s. Included are James Rains (1879) Warren pioneer killed by the Sheepeater Indians and Ah Sam (1933) the “honorary mayor” of Warren because he was well-liked and respected by his fellow residents.

In 1896, after the Euroamericans miners had taken most of the easily recovered gold out of the placer claims they began selling and leasing their claims to the Chinese. Between 1870 and 1900, Chinese miners reworked existing claims and placer mined new mineral-rich ground in the Warren area. Chinese placer miners used labor intense methods to extract gold nuggets and flour gold. It is estimated that from 1862 to 1935 the Warren Mining District produced approximately $15,000,000 in placer gold.